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i hold phd in cultural studies, ma in east european cultural studies, ma & ba in international relations and ba in history. i studied in warsaw and st. petersurg.

my primary hobby is photography. i have been shooting analogue & digital for more than 10 years. i started with M42 thread mount Zenit and Praktica cameras. then i moved to minolta md/md mount and contax/yashica systems. i am fascinated with unpredictability of the communist-era equipment and surgical precision of the west german/japanese hardware.

my academic interests cover identity studies, politics of memory (especially in kaliningrad oblast) & cross-border cooperation in the baltic sea region.

i am also a professional diplomat. until July 2021 i served as vice-consul at poland’s consulate general in kaliningrad, russia. prior to that, i worked in brussels and warsaw.

i now live in frederiksberg, denmark.

general disclaimer: all contents of this webpage reflect my views only and should not be associated with any institution i am affiliated with.