Comemmorating Seweryn Pieniężny

Thanks to cooperation with and web portals, I co-authored an article in Polish and Russian on Seweryn Pieniezny. He was a prominent figure of the Ermland (Warmia in Polish) province in the early 20th century and the interwar period. He fought for keeping the region’s identity and its strong ties with Polish language and culture. Pieniężny was arrested by German authorities on September 1st, 1939, and detained in the Hohenbruch labour/concentration camp. He was murdered there on February 24th, 1940.

The articles were published as a part of my work as Vice-Consul at Consulate General of Poland in Kaliningrad.

in search of the sustainable darkroom

If you ever developed a roll of film, you probably did it in your apartment’s bathroom. You were carefully counting the time needed for every step of the ritual: development, stop bath, fixation and final wash. But do you remember what you did with all the chemicals you used? I bet you poured them (like most of us) into the sink, not giving it much thought.

Maybe, since you develop films only occasionally, such a small amount of lab fluids will do no one harm? But think broader: how many people do the same especially now when analogue photography popular again? I guess millions would be a considerable underestimation…

A northern England collective tries to address the impact chemicals used in photography have on the plant. If you want to know more about their endeavours, have a look at the article published at :